Real-World data for a Digital World

Our products connect the physical world with computers - regardless if embedded systems, personal computers or cloud servers. The product lines include data acquisition (DAQ) modules, output modules and instrument control systems. We design, manufacture and sell software and hardware solutions to engineers and scientists.

At Home in the World

Our products are in use in 68+ countries. Our customers include manufacturing and technology companies, government, research and education organizations of all sizes. We conduct the complete distribution logistics from our integrated platform. We are an OEM friendly company, experienced and agile in customizing our products to a variety of requirements.

Care and Imagination

For over thirty-five years the ines team is successfully developing solutions for instrument control and data acquisition. Throughout our development processes we design hard- and software driven by care and imagination.

Carbon Neutral Right Now

0g CO2/kWh - due to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions instead of compensation payments. We achieve climate neutrality by using biomass for heating our facilities and sourcing electricity from a hydroelectric power plant. We manufacture our products according to current standards and regulations, thereby as environmentally friendly as possible.