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The RTD-7833 allows the direct connection of resistance thermometers (e.g. PT sensors) to all systems with USB connection. The device includes a high-precision reference resistor and galvanic isolation.

  • 4 analog input channels
  • Ratiometric Measurements
  • Windows 10/11, Linux, 32/64 bit

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  • 4 channels
  • Direct temperature measurement without conversion
  • DAQ section isolated from USB
  • High Retention USB connector


  • Test and Measurement
  • Process Control
  • MQTT Publisher


The RTD-7833 is a space-saving industrial I/O module. It provides for save cable connections due to the use of WAGO Cage Clamp connecters rather than screw terminals (which, even if properly torqued at installation time, might loosen, especially whenever there are vibrations or significant changes of temperature).

A high retention USB connector allows for 50% more retention force than the standard USB preventing accidental disconnect.


Ordering Information

RTD-7832 - 400 Ohm Reference: Instrument, USB cable (1m), Software Download Card

RTD-7833 - 4kOhm Reference: Instrument, USB cable (1m), Software Download Card