Fast and rugged digital data acquisition solutions.

Timer Solutions

TIC-8420 – High-Speed Timer/Counter

The TIC-8420 is a novel Timer/Counter/Analyzer based on digitization of time intervals in pulse trains with 2.8 ns resolution.

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Digitale I/O Solutions

FAB-3226 – Digital Bit Pattern Generator

The FAB-3226 Digital Bit Pattern Generator connects digital ports to an user-defined FPGA logic. As the FPGA is user-programmable all kind of operation can be implemented: input, output, and closed loop operation where input and output are processed in real-time. All this can be controlled by an user-defined application program running on a computer system (PC or embedded).

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DIO-3460 – Industrial I/O module

The DIO-3460 is a space-saving industrial I/O module. It provides for save cable connections due to the use of WAGO Cage Clamp connectors rather than screw terminals.

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